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Family Home Evening
   101 Activities List
   Easy-to-make Assignment Chart
   Family Unity Activities
   Activities with toddlers

   Family Home Evening Treat Book

Topical Lessons
Pioneer Theme
Kitchen Krafts
Make your own Pioneer Wagon
True Pioneer Story

Latter-day Temples Quiz
Temple Preparation Game
Temple ABC's - Quiz
Temple Clipart
Temple Mobile - What happens there?
Temple Puzzle
Lesson on Temples


Story for younger Kids (with color picture)
Story for youth and teens with picture
Honesty Mini Lesson

Personal Revelation

Joseph Smith Story - Flannel Board
How to Get Personal Revelation (teens)
How the Holy Ghost Helps You (young kids)
All Things Shall Be Revealed (and a puzzle)


Good Samaritan Flannel Board Story
Follow Jesus Christ by Serving
Service Activity
Why do we serve? (teens)


Cap. Moroni - Follow Righteous Leaders (FB)
Apostles & Prophets FB Story
A Living Prophet (young kids)
Follow the Prophet (Teen New Era Message)
Printable Pictures of Prophets (lots of pics)

Love at Home

Love at Home Lesson (Lesson is ready!)
Loving your Family (Teen New Era issue)
Fun ways to say 'I love you'


Nephi Forgives - Flannel Board Story
The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Story of Forgiving
Teaching children about Forgiveness
Forgiveness Flower

Obedience to Commandments

Blessing Follow - Cut out story
Only one way to be happy. (Teen)
Stripling Warriors Game (with cutouts)
Obedience Crossword
Obedience Math Problem

Manners & Golden Rule

Printable Characters (see links on page for stories)
Attitude of Gratitude (Teens)

Families are Forever

Families Together Forever Lesson
Temple Prep Game
Puzzles & Game
Temples are places of service
Forever Families
A Circle of No Good-byes (Fiction Story)

Sabbath Day

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Being Polite (for kids, inludes cut outs)

Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt
Book of Mormon Crossword Puzzle

Lessons from Gospel Principles

Our Father In Heaven
Jesus Christ, Our Leader and Savior
Freedom to Choose
Praying to God our Father
Prophets of God
The Scriptures
The Atonement
The Priesthood
The Church of Jesus Christ Today
Faith in Jesus Christ
The Gift of the Holy Ghost
The Sabbath Day
Missionary Work
Word of Wisdom
The Eternal Family
The Second Coming of Jesus

   Eternal Family Feud
   Jaredite Cards

   Music Poster for songs
   Hymns - Midi format
   Primary Songs Pictures

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