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We hope you find the same joy out of these stories as we have in creating flannel board stories to teach our children about the principles of the gospel.

We have searched and located the following stories from the The Friend, a LDS  Church magazine. The pictures and text are property of the Church and can be used freely for home or church use. We created this index of stories for your convience in quickly finding the story you want. After clicking the links below you can read and print the story, then by clicking the "picture" icon in the bottom middle of that same screen you can view the actual flannel board characters to cut out. To print them choose 'File' on your browser then 'print'. We hope you enjoy them. The Stums

Set 1 - Download 13 stories at once all zipped together. The pictures are all with full story and pictures all preformatted in Microsoft Word®. They are all ready for printing. Simply download the file, unzip it, and then print. No cutting and pasting. Enjoy.
50+ Stories
Old Testament
Jonah and the People of Nineveh
Josiah—Believer in the Scriptures
Joseph “Holds to the Iron Rod”
Daniel Obeys the Lord
The Creation—Each Day a Gift
Story of Enoch - Follow the Prophet
Abraham Covenants with the Lord
Esther Saves Her People
Isaiah Prophesies of the Savior
Moses Teaches His People
Enoch Builds Zion
New Testament
The Good Samaritan
The Christmas Story
The Baptism of Jesus Christ
Saul’s Conversion
The Good Shepherd
Calling of the Twelve Apostles
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
Jesus heals a blind man
Our Savior and Redeemer
Christ's Life on Earth
Jesus Christ will come again
Special Witnesses of Christ - Apostles
Book of Mormon
Stripling Warriors
Nephi obtains the Plates
The Brother of Jared Sees Jesus
Lehi Obeys God
Jacob and Sherem
Alma Teaches and Baptizes
Captain Moroni
Jesus Christ Comes to America
The Nephite Disciples Baptize
King Benjamin speaks from the tower
Samuel the Lamanite
Moroni Writes of God’s Marvelous Works
Covenants at the Waters of Mormon
Ammon’s Example: How Do I Show That I am Keeping My Baptismal Covenant?
Story of Lehi - Keeping Promises
The Army of Helaman
Enos and the Power of Prayer
Nephites Learn of the Sacrament
Church History
Joseph Smith Asked Heavenly Father to Help Him Choose the Right
Captain Moroni - Follow Righteous Leaders
Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon
Other Themes
Fasting and Prayer
Female Scripture Figure
Male Scripture Figure
Young Man Scripture Figure
Young Woman Scripture Figure
The Christmas Story
How Will the Holy Ghost Help Me to Keep My Baptismal Covenant?
Priesthood Blessings
The Resurrected Christ Teaches About Baptism
Remembering Jesus Christ
His Servants the Prophets
Age of Accountability
Plain Words About Baptism
Apostles and Special Witnesses

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