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Fonts - 133 Fonts free for Download

These fonts are free for download. Once installed on your system you can use them in word processing or any other windows based software that requires text. The fonts are freeware and do not cost.

Download instructions:

Click on the download link titled 'Click Here'.

1  From the dialog box click 'save'

Now, from the small drop down menu choose 'desktop'

2 Then click 'Save'

The file will now download to your desktop it will take 10 min or so (unless you have a fast internet connection)

3 To open the file you will need Winzip software, its free.
4 After you unzip the fonts dump them in this folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
5 And that's all!

It sounds complex, but after you do it once it is easy! Go ahead give it a try!!

Download 133 Fonts - Click Here
(See 50 samples of what's in the download below.)

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